Moving Mountains Award Winner

Through the Moving Mountains Award, ANCOR, the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals ( NADSP ) and the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota ( ICI)  recognize organizations using leading practices in direct support workforce development that result in improved outcomes for people with disabilities.
St. Coletta of WisconsinWe are pleased to announce  St. Coletta of Wisconsin  has been awarded the Moving Mountains Award for 2019!

St. Coletta of Wisconsin currently operates in communities throughout southern Wisconsin and Illinois, and is headquartered in Jefferson, WI. St. Coletta offers residential and vocational programs that embrace the concepts of independence, community inclusion, and empowerment.

St. Coletta of Wisconsin’s vision statement expresses the agency’s commitment to quality services: “Through dynamic partnerships, exceptional customer service, a demonstrated commitment to quality and spirituality, we will work with persons receiving services to achieve their best life possible.”

We congratulate the staff and board of directors at St. Coletta of Wisconsin and look forward to celebrating this distinguished achievement with them at the  2019 ANCOR Annual Conference, being held May 6-8 in Portland, Oregon!

Five Questions You Need Answered about Illinois ABLE

  1.  Why Illinois ABLE?  Because individuals with disabilities and their families need to be able to save money for additional expenses that come with having a disability and to improve their quality of life!  Disability advocates fought for 10 years to make it possible for people with disabilities to build stronger financial futures without losing their federal means-tested benefits, like SSI and Medicaid.
  2. What is ABLE?  ABLE stands for “A Better Life Experience.”  An ABLE account is a savings and investment account that qualifying people with disabilities can open.  When you have an ABLE account, you can withdraw the funds from your ABLE account and use the funds for disability-related expenses.  Taxes on earnings from the ABLE account are deferred, and you don’t pay any taxes on the money you withdraw from your ABLE account as long as you use it for disability-related expenses.
  3. Who can have an ABLE account?  You can open an ABLE account if you have a disability and 1) the symptoms of your disability were present before you turned 26 years old and 2) your disability meets the criteria set by the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability.
  4. What can I do with an ABLE account?  You can save up to $100,000 without losing your SSI monthly benefits.  You can save and invest your own money.  You can pay for qualifying disability expenses, such as housing, therapy, transportation, training and many other expenses.  You can save money from your job.  You can gain some control and independence.
  5. Where do I go to get more information or to open an Illinois ABLE account?  Visit Treasurer’s website at  You can also plan to attend JJ Hanley’s presentation, “Making the ABLE Program Work for You – a Better Life Experience Essentials Workshop” at the NADS Conference on August 11, 2018 at St. Ignatius College Prep, 1076 West Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL  60608.

Also, here is a link to a webinar presented by Mary Anne Ehlert of Protected Tomorrows and Brian Rubin of Rubin Law regarding the ABLE act.  Link –

Highlights for the Year 2017

Here are some of the important highlights of the year 2017:

  • The new compensation and incentive program for staff called “Moonshot” has brought improvements in quality and retention of staff.
  • Andy Hancock has done a great job managing and representing the Illinois Program.
  • Coletta has made improvements in some of the houses in Illinois and more are planned for 2018.
  • Coletta’s Day Program is growing and getting ready to expand.
  • The Hick’s St. Coletta Office is now being used for parties, Drumming Circle, Bingo, and other creative activities.
  • A Nutritionist from Lutheran General Hospital Down Sydrome Clinic presented at our last January General Meeting. Liz Brzeski, Director of Residential Operations, who is very interested in healthy eating, was present to listen and address any issues or questions that came up.
  • Lee Davis, has been elected as President of Illinois Friends for St. Coletta. He also joins Russ Schaefer on the Board of Directors in Jefferson, Wisconsin.
  • John Stoeckert , newly elected Illinois Board Member, will be our Illinois Friends treasurer. John has worked in the past with many of our fund-raisers.
  • Thanks to Russ Schaefer, Mary Ann Vanaria and Kim Carmody, the Co-chairs of our annual Golf Outing, an all-time high of $58,000 was raised.
  • Gregg Odway and Missy O’Brien again organized and brought sunshine to our annual picnic at St. Marcelline’s Church.
  • Octoberfest, with its delicious food and music was co-chaired by Rose Ann Gallo, Kathy Dublinsky, and Kathy O’Brien, raised about $13,000.
  • Gregg Odway raced in the Chicago Marathon Run to raise a substantial $2,721.
  • Illinois Friends continued lobbying legislators to support St.Coletta and the disabled. We feel this helped St. Coletta’s financial situation.
  • Illinois Friends sponsored the popular drum circle.
  • Due to the wonderful support of our dedicated members and their friends, we were able to donate $65,000 to St. Coletta at our Christmas party. Some of those funds will be used to support recreational and educational programs here in Illinois.

Golf Outing – Looking for Volunteers

The Illinois Friends golf outing is scheduled for June 25, 2018 at Royal Melbourne Country Club.  This event is the largest fundraiser sponsored by our group.  All proceeds benefit Illinois Friends and St. Coletta of Wisconsin.  Our group is looking for sponsors, donors and volunteers for this event.  For more information, please contact Russ Schaefer.

April 30, 2017 General Meeting Review

Our upcoming events were discussed.

  • On June 26, 2017, the golf outing will be held at Royal Melbourne Country Club. This event is our largest fundraiser and volunteers, donations and golfers are needed for this special golf outing.  All funds raised will be used to assist the Moonshot Program to provide our residents with the best direct care staff.
  • The Day at the Races is again scheduled for Sunday, July 30. More information will be coming shortly.
  • The Illinois Friends picnic will be held at St. Marcelline’s Church grounds on August 19.
  • The Oktoberfest is scheduled for October 7 at Inverness Country Club.

At our April meeting, Mary Anne Ehlert (President and Founder) of Protected Tomorrows was the guest speaker.  Mary Anne discussed the new ABLE account that is available through the state of Illinois for disabled individuals.  This account is considered part of Section 529A of the Internal Review passed by Congress in 2014.  This allows states to establish a tax-advantaged savings account to assist persons with disabilities to save for their future without putting their federal benefits at risk.  To qualify, individuals must be disabled and entitled to benefits under the Social Security Disability Act.  Up to $14,000 per year can be placed into this account, with a maximum of $350,000.  The Illinois State Treasurer is the administrator of Illinois’ 529A program, called Illinois ABLE.

As of now, upon death of the disabled person, all funds in this account would revert back to the state of Illinois.  This “payback” is being reviewed by the state of Illinois and perhaps will be changed in the future.  For more details, you can contact Mary Anne Ehlert of Protected Tomorrows at 847-522-8086.

For more information on Illinois Friends, please visit our website at

Highlights for the year 2016


2016 was a good year for St. Coletta.  Under Ted Behnke’s leadership, St. Coletta won a 2016 Non-Profit of the Year Award in Milwaukee.

A new incentive program for staff called “Moonshot” has brought improvements to the retention of staff along with better quality candidates for open staff positions.

Andy Hancock was promoted to lead for the Illinois Program.

St. Coletta continues to make improvements and on-going maintenance to the CILA homes.

St. Coletta’s Day Program, called Achieve, started in the Illinois Hicks Road Administration Office.

Dr. Bryan Chicione, founder of the Lutheran General Down Syndrome Clinic, presented at our January, 2016 general meeting.

Our group sponsored the following events:

The annual golf outing raised approximately $36,000; the Day at the Races raised about $7,000, and Oktoberfest raised about $10,000.  Our annual picnic was held at St. Marcelline’s Church.

Our group lobbied with legislators to help support St. Coletta and the disabled population.

The popular drum circle was sponsored by our Illinois Friends group.

Due to the wonderful support of our dedicated members, family, extended family and their friends, our group was able to donate $55,000 to St. Coletta.  A check for this amount was presented to Ted Behncke at the annual Christmas party.

Achieve Program Now Open

Effective during the month of October, the Achieve Program has opened its doors.  St. Coletta of Wisconsin has now been licensed to provide day programming to our residents and outside clients.  Michelle Fuller will be heading this project, along with Andy Hancock.  The Achieve Program was developed to provide participants with a chance to socialize, exercise, participate in the community, have fun and learn.  While in the program, clients will learn – self-care skills, language skills, learning skills and self-direction skills.  For more information, please contact Andy Hancock.

8th Biennial Legislative Breakfast

Please attend the upcoming 8th Biennial Legislative Breakfast as the community welcomes our newly elected Legislators.  The event is sponsored by the North/Northwest Cook County and Lake County Work Group for people with Intellectual/Development Disabilities.  This event will be held Monday, December 5, 2016 from 8:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. at the Chevy Chase Country Club, Devonshire Room, 1000 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Wheeling, IL  60090, Phone 847-465-2302.  For more information, please contact Joanell Voigt at 773-867-4001 or email:  This breakfast provides an opportunity our legislators, consumers, families, service providers and schools to connect with newly elected legislators.

St. Coletta Conference Held August 6 and 7

On August 6th and 7th, St. Coletta of Wisconsin held a Family Conference.  Some of the items discussed were employee salaries and benefits, the Genesis Program and the future of St. Coletta.  The presentation included the fact that now three chapels are available for our residents, including one in Illinois at the new administration offices.  The chapel services for the Illinois residents are the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

If you wish a copy of the presentation that was given by Ted Bechnke and various staff, please contact St. Coletta of Wisconsin and a copy will be emailed to you.