Over the years, Illinois Friends has sponsored various events including a Day at the Races, a golf outing, a picnic and various dinner dance events.

Featured on this page are some of the pictures showing our events and meetings, including our October, 2015 general meeting where Dr. Brian Chicione, M.D., Medical Director of Advocate Medical Group’s Adult Down Syndrome Center in Park Ridge, presented a program on aging to our residents and various attendees.  Dr. Chicione’s speech included information on physical and cognitive decline of our disabled residents along with sleep apnea, diabetes, swallowing challenges and loss of balance.  He also shared the latest research and approaches to medical care.

Our general meetings try to keep guardians, parents and siblings informed about the lives of their loved ones.  Again, all monies raised go directly to support the programs and services of St. Coletta of Wisconsin.

Dr. Chicione addressing our Illinoismeeting2 Friends Groupmeeting1