In the early 1980’s several Illinois parents met for mutual support of their children who were residents of St. Coletta of Wisconsin. In 1991, an organization was founded under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This organization is Illinois Friends for St. Coletta – Wisconsin/Illinois. Today, this group has grown to include not only parents but extended families, concerned friends, and community organizations. Illinois Friends provides support to its members, educates them on important issues affecting people with disabilities, and works together for the betterment of all residents. With the establishment of CILA homes in Illinois communities, our organization becomes an important support link. Membership in the Illinois Friends organization is open to all for a very minimal cost.

In keeping with our dedication to the St. Coletta community and to assist the residents of St. Coletta, our organization raises much needed funds. Our organization has no administrative fees and we employ no paid staff; 100% of all donations directly benefit all residents of St. Coletta. Over the past several years fundraising efforts with our members have sent St. Coletta of Wisconsin over $650,000 to use programs and services to help the disabled residents in the various group homes monitored by St. Coletta. During the course of the year, Illinois Friends hosts an array of highly visible fundraising events that attracts people with various interests. From an Oktoberfest dinner to a golf outing to a Day at the Races at Arlington International Racecourse to a family and friends picnic, the ways to get involved are limitless. We invite you to become a part of the Illinois Friends group and make a difference in the future of St. Coletta of Wisconsin. For more information about membership, please contact the St. Coletta of Wisconsin Illinois administration office located at 1991 Hicks Road, Rolling Meadows, Illinois .

In addition to accessing information, you will have the opportunity to contact us to give your input or ask a question. We hope that you find this information helpful. Thanks for being a part of the St. Coletta community.