Highlights for the year 2016


2016 was a good year for St. Coletta.  Under Ted Behnke’s leadership, St. Coletta won a 2016 Non-Profit of the Year Award in Milwaukee.

A new incentive program for staff called “Moonshot” has brought improvements to the retention of staff along with better quality candidates for open staff positions.

Andy Hancock was promoted to lead for the Illinois Program.

St. Coletta continues to make improvements and on-going maintenance to the CILA homes.

St. Coletta’s Day Program, called Achieve, started in the Illinois Hicks Road Administration Office.

Dr. Bryan Chicione, founder of the Lutheran General Down Syndrome Clinic, presented at our January, 2016 general meeting.

Our group sponsored the following events:

The annual golf outing raised approximately $36,000; the Day at the Races raised about $7,000, and Oktoberfest raised about $10,000.  Our annual picnic was held at St. Marcelline’s Church.

Our group lobbied with legislators to help support St. Coletta and the disabled population.

The popular drum circle was sponsored by our Illinois Friends group.

Due to the wonderful support of our dedicated members, family, extended family and their friends, our group was able to donate $55,000 to St. Coletta.  A check for this amount was presented to Ted Behncke at the annual Christmas party.