Highlights for the Year 2017

Here are some of the important highlights of the year 2017:

  • The new compensation and incentive program for staff called “Moonshot” has brought improvements in quality and retention of staff.
  • Andy Hancock has done a great job managing and representing the Illinois Program.
  • Coletta has made improvements in some of the houses in Illinois and more are planned for 2018.
  • Coletta’s Day Program is growing and getting ready to expand.
  • The Hick’s St. Coletta Office is now being used for parties, Drumming Circle, Bingo, and other creative activities.
  • A Nutritionist from Lutheran General Hospital Down Sydrome Clinic presented at our last January General Meeting. Liz Brzeski, Director of Residential Operations, who is very interested in healthy eating, was present to listen and address any issues or questions that came up.
  • Lee Davis, has been elected as President of Illinois Friends for St. Coletta. He also joins Russ Schaefer on the Board of Directors in Jefferson, Wisconsin.
  • John Stoeckert , newly elected Illinois Board Member, will be our Illinois Friends treasurer. John has worked in the past with many of our fund-raisers.
  • Thanks to Russ Schaefer, Mary Ann Vanaria and Kim Carmody, the Co-chairs of our annual Golf Outing, an all-time high of $58,000 was raised.
  • Gregg Odway and Missy O’Brien again organized and brought sunshine to our annual picnic at St. Marcelline’s Church.
  • Octoberfest, with its delicious food and music was co-chaired by Rose Ann Gallo, Kathy Dublinsky, and Kathy O’Brien, raised about $13,000.
  • Gregg Odway raced in the Chicago Marathon Run to raise a substantial $2,721.
  • Illinois Friends continued lobbying legislators to support St.Coletta and the disabled. We feel this helped St. Coletta’s financial situation.
  • Illinois Friends sponsored the popular drum circle.
  • Due to the wonderful support of our dedicated members and their friends, we were able to donate $65,000 to St. Coletta at our Christmas party. Some of those funds will be used to support recreational and educational programs here in Illinois.